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Main Selection


Main Selection

Advertisement France

Contemporary French advertisement

Advertisement Germany

Contemporary German advertisement

Advertisement Netherlands

Contemporary Netherlands advertisement

Advertisement USA

Contemporary American advertisement

Body Design

Overview and pictures of the different body designs


General technical data and a describtion about the engine

Engine Data 12 S / 16 N

Technical data about the 12S- and 16N-engines

Engine Data 16 S

Technical data about the 16S-engine

Engine Data 19 S

Technical Data about the 19S-engine


Main Selection


Overview and pictures of the different equipment variants

Ex-Factory Prices

The ex-factory prices of all models

Hetzer & Gräf

Contemporary Modification by the company Hetzer & Gräf of 1973: Detail and photo


The history of the Ascona A and a description of the US export models

Inside Fittings

The colors of the inside fittings

Model Cars 1:25

Model cars (scale 1:25)

Model Cars 1:43

Model cars (scale 1:43)

Model Cars 1:66

Model cars (scale 1:66)

Model Cars 1:87

Model cars (scale 1:87)

Model Modifications

The modifications during the construction period

Model Variants

Main Selection

Modified Cars

Main Selection

Other Accessories

Other accessories about the Opel Ascona A


The paintworks

Produced Units

The produced units of the individual models

Racing Pictures

Racing pictures of the Ascona A


The Rally history of the Ascona A and photo / detail of the Rallye car of Walter Roehrl

Rear Axle

Technical data of the rear axle and information about the locking differential

Special Editions

Information about the 4 special editions of the Ascona A

Special Vehicles

Information about the special vehicles of the Ascona A


Contemporary Modification by the company Steinmetz of 1973: Detail and photo

Tightening Torques

An overview of the tightening torques

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