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The Rallyhistory Of The Ascona A:

Briefly before end of production the Ascona A could achieve spectacular successes in many international rally events: The German Walter Röhrl won in 1974 the European rally championship and in 1975 the Rally Akropolis on an Opel Ascona A (details and describtion of this car below); the German Kurt Waldner won three times the Tour d'Europe (1971, 1972 and 1973) during the Frenchman Jean Ragnotti could register a class victory at the Rally Monte Carlo of 1971 . The Adam Opel AG knew to use these successes skillfully in the advertisement.

The Rally Car Of Walter Röhrl:


total displacement ream to near 2000 cc, cross flow cylinder head, mechanical injection (Kugelfischer), two electric fuel pumps, oil cooler, generator with an output of 900 watt, sports exhaust system, reinforcement at the frame, axle suspensions and the engine suspension, internally ventilated disk brakes in front, hard Bilstein shock absorbers and hard coil springs, 5-speed transmission (ZF), locking differential (75%), fender flares, bigger fuel tank (90 litre), sports seats and harness belts, rollover bar, separate horn control device and wiper switch for the co-driver, engine start by push-button control possible (no steering column lock)

Technical Data:

Total Displacement: 

1996 cc

Compression Ratio: 

10 : 1

Output Power: 

195 HP (143 kW) at 7800 RPM

Maximum Torque: 

20,6 mkg at 5500 RPM

Transmission Gear Ratio: 

1. 2,85 / 2. 1,80 / 3. 1,36 / 4. 1,14 / 5. 1,0 / R. 2,82

Final Gear Reduction (Rear Axle): 

1 : 4,75

Acceleration Time: 

7,8 sec

Top Speed:   

180 km/h (112 MPH)

Price (1974) 

approx. 40.000 DM

Pictures of the original vehicle:

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