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The Engine

For the Opel Ascona A two kinds of 4-cylinder engines were used: On the one hand the CIH-engines (Camshaft In Head) with a displacement between 1600 cc and 1900 cc, who were already used in the Opel Rekord C. On the other hand the OHV-engine (Overhead Valves) with a displacement of 1200 cc, who was already used in the Opel Kadett B. Below who can see fundamental technical data about these engines. The selection left shows the specific data of the respective engine types.



cylinder block:

grey cast iron

cylinder head:

grey cast iron (chrome alloyed)


forged steel, five-bearing (OHV: three-bearing)

crankshaft bearings:

split bearing shells


aluminum alloy

piston rings:

special cast iron: 2 compression rings, 1 (three-part) oil scraper ring

connecting piston rod:


camshaft drive:

endlessly riveted double roller chain (OHV: single roller chain)

camshaft timing gear:

cast iron (OHV: steel sheet)

crankshaft gear:

improved steel (OHV: steel sheet)


chrom alloyed steel, 1 exhaust valve and 1 inlet valve per cylinder, hanging arranged with "Roto-Caps"

generally engine lubrication:

pressure lubrication (regulated high pressure by a gear pump)

lubrication piston pins:

oil vapour (OHV: per dripping oil of the oil scraper ring)

lubrication cylinder:

per jet in the piston (OHV: per splash oil)

oil cleaning :

full-flow filter with replaceable oil filter

engine suspension:

three-point attachment: 2 bearings at the front axle, 1 bearing at the gearbox

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